“If you cannot teach me to fly, 

                    teach me to sing.” 

                                      J.M. Barrie

The mission of the Heritage School of Performing Arts is to promote authentic Indian music and dance, and foster growth of rich culture and tradition of India and the Indian classical music in the USA.  As our tag line says “Advancing Arts. Transforming Minds.”, the school is committed to advancing these arts among the next generation living in diverse, vibrant cultural environment in the USA.
The values of Heritage School of Performing Arts are to help finding and reminding the roots of rich Indian cultural heritage as well as the Indian Classical Music while living thousands of miles away from India.

Indian music especially the classical music is highly spiritual in nature and it brings peace and joy in our mind. Study has shown that Indian classical music gives more strength and confidence to solve challenges in today’s highly competitive and stressful world. Heritage School of Performing Arts helps to impart Indian classical music and light music related education to all its students for their professional and personal career development and enrichment. The music, they will learn, will help to transform and relax their mind during the rough time of life and allow them to perform in front of friends & families, augment the cultural and social environment within the communities in the United States by organizing Indian music concerts, musical gatherings at social, cultural and religious events, lecture-demonstrations or workshops, student recital and performances.

Heritage School will build a very strong musical foundation to all its students by teaching Indian Classical music so that they can pick up any genre of songs like Bollywood songs, Folk songs, Sufi songs, Country songs, Ghazals etc. easily in future and music will become an integral part of their life.

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Hindustani Music Teacher in Atlanta

Our Mission