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Indian Dance class 30040

Hindustani class 30040
Carnatic class 30040

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Hindustani vocal class near me

Carnatic vocal class near me

Bharatanatyam class near me

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6030 Bethelview Rd, Suit# 102

​Cumming, GA 30040, USA

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How we are different from others...

- We are proudly associated with Sarva Bharatiya Charu Kala Mandir, India and offering diploma and certification examinations starting from Junior Diploma to Sangeet Acharya (Masters in Music & Dance) in the areas of Hindustani Classical, Bharatanatyam.

- One stop school for Indian Vocal Music, Dance and Instruments. Take Hindustani Music lessons or Carnatic Music lessons, learn Indian classical music, learn Tabla, Piano, Guitar and dance: Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi or Bollywood

- Classes are offered to all ages starting from 5 years

​- Smaller group size and more individual attention

- Annual show / recital by the students to showcase their learning and talent

- Associated with All India Fine Arts Association, Govt. of West Bengal, India
- We follow syllabus and guidelines by the association to build a strong foundation
- We offer formal examinations (Theory and Practical), Diploma and Certificates from India
- Many opportunities to the students to perform in local cultural events
- Very competitive, affordable and attractive fee structure

Indian Music and Dance lessons in Cumming, Atlanta

​​​​​​​Indian Music class Cumming

Indian Dance class Cumming

Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical dance 

Indian Music class near me
Indian Dance class near me


470-848-1120 / 201-218-5930


​​​-  Your commitment and dedication is unparalleled. You both deserve Sashtang Dandvat🙏🏻😊. Our kids are fortunate to have you as their gurus. 

~ by Dr. Heena Bhatt

​​​-  Can’t thank you more for making our kids learn , enjoy and show this confidence on stage. Thank you Parag and Anamika and thanks to all the teachers. From reluctant learners to stage stealers, the kids have come a long way. I can imagine how much hardwork it is to prepare these kids and organize this event as well. Thank you so much.

~ by Divya Sujith 

- ​It is amazing to see the commitment, passion and perseverance of Paragji and Anamikaji. Honestly, their selfless devotion to the cause of music is unparalleled. Hats off!  Fortunate to have such gurus for our kids. 

~ by Prabir Das

​- A huge thank you to the dynamic couple Parag and Anamikaji for their vision and hard work to nurture our kids and get them to this point. We will be eternally grateful to them for all they have done.

​~ by Prabir Das

​​Hindustani vocal class Cumming

Carnatic vocal class Cumming

Bharatanatyam class Cumming

Bollywood dance class Cumming