Is music lesson a better choice than other extra curriculum ?

When considering extracurricular activities for your child, you may be confused what to choose and what is best for your little one. There are many options like Tennis, Soccer, Karate, Swimming etc. for your child. But music gets advantage whether your child will become a professional or amateur musician or vocalist because of the following reasons.

- Music has no age boundary; you sing and play music all through your life.

- Unlike any other activities, music doesn't need any special arrangements, set up or place to show the skills. You can perform when you are alone, in friends & family gathering, school, college or office events, while driving or even travelling. Also there are no chances of any physical injury while practicing or performing this life skill.

Research shows that learning the Sa-Re-Ga-Ma can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs. It helps to..

- Increase your IQ

- Increase the capacity of your memory; helps in brain development

- Improve academic skills

- Increase mathematical ability

- Boost listening skills

- Improve reading comprehension and analytical skill

- Refine perseverance & self-discipline

- Build self confidence in public appearance and boosts self-esteem

- Cultivate social skills

- Introduces children to other cultures

- Reduce stress & be happy!

- Enhance respiratory system

- Make lifelong friends

Perhaps you have seen many adults who have said " I wish I knew singing " or " I wish my parents had made me stay with music lessons ". It is a dream that still burns bright in the hearts of many people. As a loving, caring parent who wants to give the child everything, you would like to be commended for giving your child the joy of music.